Would You Like a Scrapbook Design?
If you're looking for a scrapbook design, this are the Designers which I have permission to use.

Take Your Time
Please, if you will want a scrapbook kit, take your time searching for the right one, they are all so beautiful and cute and it is so worth it to search for the one that fits your blog. If you want help do not doubt in letting me know and I can search for a kit that fits you. Just make sure to send me a message [even if you don't know what kit you'd like to use] so I can get you in the waiting list.

I can also combine kits. Each Kit is additionally charged.

Vera Linn Designs
I Love her designs, they all have really pretty themes and she usually has some great discounts.

All of her designs are all so colorful and with Flowers, they are really pretty!

Oh my god, she has the most cute animations! no kidding! I can't even stand the cuteness ^^

Her designs are all really fun and sweet, and she also has really cool flowery ones
with a modern touch, so unique :]

This designs are really interesting, they all have so many details and elements.
the design possibilities are endless!

These ones are also pretty darn cute! 

I Love these, they are really colorful and they have wonderful elements. She has some seriously amazing kits at a really cheat price, you'll love them.